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Well, I have had the shittest couple days. Ever. Like saturday and sunday need to be taken from my mind, and monday sucked ass. Tuesday got better and better. By the end of the day, I was like BAM, pretty sweet. I'm telling you, little tiny things make my freaking day. Like I was on cloud nine simply because when I walked outta TC Brianna and Jeff were there. Like how retarded is that, that something so little made me so happy. I'm telling you, little tiny things make me throughtheroof happy.

Without a couple people, I would have died in the past week. Like Nick. Nick was always there telling me exactly what I needed to hear. Nicole was always there to listen to me online, and tell me little random things, like my horoscope or her little snipts of advice. She always made my laugh. And Ali. Good lord what would I have done without her. She would listen to me cry and call her at odd hours, and helped me analyze every little thing. She really gets my little random every two word rants. She taught me how to breathe and was the best person in the world. She helped me stay out of my downward circle. She was the person I could talk to whenever and where ever about whatever. She kept me sane since last monday. I think I would have cracked and just broken down into little tiny unsavable pieces.

I am going to mass tomorrow morning with Jenna. I wish I knew what to say to make her feel better, I hate to see her upset. I just want to make her happy and take away all her pain. Like if I could bargin with the devil, and be like take her pain from her and give it to me, I would. I wouldn't think twice.

I had a funny bus experience. I saw Nick and Matt Rondeau. And some random kid named gerald who is apperently my new friend. Kinda like that random junior that says 'hey baby' whenever he sees me. Well, whatever floats their boat. Its kidna cool, talking to random people. Makes life exciting. And my life is pretty damn effing perfect as of late.

And...Did I mention...I'm second in discus! I am right behind lauren who is only 9 feet ahead of me. Dude, all that emotion built up from the weekend from hell came in handy. I threw 60 feet 10.5 inches. I truly am the freshman protidgy. I am actually good at something, I was so excited.

So yea, thats it for now. Enjoy.

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Beauty tulip

Give me X-ray eyes so I can see how this all ends

Pretty damn good day.

Although knowing you were being used wasn't the best feeling in the world.

But whatev, I honestly don't care.

It's over and done.

I love my friends.

With a burning firey passion.

And my bus people, they are my life.

They take care of me.


And yes, I say BAM alot.


I reazlied other peoples tiredness rubs off on me.

Pretty not exciting actually.

I love my track people.


So does LORRI.

But we are gonna have sexi sexi abs.

Because, YA KNOW, we totally work out.

Water bubblers are fun..

Guinea Pig say holla!


You totally wish you were us.

Anyway, chorus thing til like FOREVER.

Not gonna be fun.

This morning: mad freaking TC rush. Me lorri jenna jeff and sam are in the same TC, that is gonna make for some good times.

Geometry: Dan is my buddy. He is the KING. THERE IS NO THM I GOT RID OF IT. MEET MY FRIEND ANGLE A. LOOK HARDER DAMN IT! HAPPY CROSS THE BOARDER DAY. Independacize yourself!! <-- good stuff.

World History: Did my spanish homework. Yea, watched some presentations

Free: Me and Jeff helped mr. cooney bring risers and stuff down stairs to the gym for tomorrow, that elevator could chop your head off. seriously. I was like RIIIGHT. Ok. Then we got to leave early because there was nothing for us to do, so we sat in the locker room..and who walks in...NICK! So he was talking to us. lol.

Religion: BORING. Sleepy. Blahhh.

Spanish: WHITE CHOCOLATE DESIGNS BITCH. Wow. Me and Bre are crazy. She is the desinger, and the fabric is gonna pop outta the seams if it wants to, and I am the manager and I am sorry she has no comment at this tiem. <-- great stuff. "coloring relaxes me". i love how ms.berretto is like DONT DO YOUR HOMEWORK NOW ILL KNOW. well i finished it and she didnt know, and then she never checked it. then there were technical difficulties with the TV and laptop and stuff so we got to spend like 40 minutes of class just talking. gotta love it.

Bio: good stuff. quiz was easy. like HARDCORE easy. me and marissa are funny. PENS! mr.lavallee was scared. me and lorri have some good times.

After school: Nothing really. Couldn't find lorri. Which means I have no dress. But whatev. Again, don't care. So yea. Then track. Already talked about that.

Now: Going to shower and watch mindless television which I havn't done it like a week. I need to fill my head with random stuff that I don't need.

ps - new icons. =] outspokenicons is my favorite.

Tell me what you know about moving foward

Better day.

Not amazing,

made some progress though.

Track was tiring.

I think pulled a muscle in my ear

Cuz I am just that HARDCORE.

I am on the phone with Laura, she is cool.

She can multi task...


I am now bored.

So yea

Chorus tonight.

So not [ NOT ] excited.

I love my throwers.

Like Kelly, Monica, and Alicia.

Me and lorri got slushies

And walked through woonsocket

And talked about some random stuff


Enough said.


Choir thing tonight.

Oh I'm so excited.

[ NOT ].

As you can tell.

I am still very disorganized in my thought process.

I am now going to go shower.

Peace out boy scout.
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Bad day.

I mean really really bad day.

I'm sick of everyone elses stories.

And opinions.

I just wish they would talk to me

The one person who I thought would


It hurts.

But I won't let it happen again.

I won't sit back and watch something that means so much

Just drift away again.

All I want to do is sit and talk to Nicole.

(yes, nicole, YOU)

Track was useless.

CCD is gonna suck.

Yea, I'm done.


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Semi was last night.
Best night ever.
Like ever ever.
We (Me Marissas Schuyler Jeff Jill and her date) went to coffee and cream too.
That was amazing.
Chocolate Chip Crepes.

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Well, I got a A on my CCD test. Woot Woot. I felt smart lol. Granted, the whole catholic school since I was four was a major advantage. I just watched Bones and it was about a girl who got a infected bone graft and not has terminal cancer and not long to live. It was so sad.

I was gonna finish/start my spanish project, and I actually got like 9 family members with pictures, and a poster board, but not paper (or sentences), so thats for tomorrow. I'll do it once I get home from the doctors. I should be home by like 4:15, so that gives me plenty of time.

I was so hyper at CCD. And ADD. And brittany was mad at me for like a split two seconds because she finally found out that im not going to NS next year. But she cant stay mad at me. We had a survey about who was cuter out of eac pair of guys in our CCD class. I won most of the time. Heidi was the tie breaker and she was almost always on my side. John Jacob Jingle Himer Smith has alot of supporters let me tell you lol.

Me and lorri talked about womb karma. But we sorta figred that my terrible luck with guys isnt bad karma or my fault. Its the womb. Lmfao. Good stuff. We talked about hands, and how if they didn't fit so damn perfect, I would feel so much better. Stupiddamnperfectfittinghands. Lol.

I got a 46 for discus! Woot. I only need 50 to qualify for states and it was only like my first time throwing it. So imagine in me in like a couple meets. I am gonna be the QUEEN. Well not really, Lauren gets like 55.7 without even trying, and alice gets at least 48 without thinking lol. So only 4 more feet and i get to go to states! I wanna throw Java. to bad I can't go to practice tomorrow. Tear. Stupid doctors. Hope Ms.Kraus doesnt get mad.

Wake up, my Love.

Recap of week:

Monday: Track practice, then Julias house with all the lovers. Already told you about. Scroll down if you didn't read it.

Tuesday: At Julias until like 1. Then brought home Miranda and I got home until like 2. I watched Gilmore Girls 'til 2.

Wednesday: Doctors appointment. Grocery shopping.

Thursday:Doctors all day. Endo and Nuero. Woo. Me and my mom got lost RI Hospital/Hasbro/Womans and Infants 3 hours. Then we just walked around aimlessly and then finally got on a mini bus thing and finally got to Coro but then noo we had to go Coro west. Walking around in that thing is like running the boston marathon. Then out to lunch with my mom and then we got her hair down. Well I sat in the car and talked to Stefani on the phone.

Friday:</u> Out to breakfast with Dad, sister, and brother. Then we picked up Stef and we got dropped off at my other doctor. Then we walked across the big street. We went to see Scary Movie 4. It sucked. Like Really bad. Like terrible. Like don't go to see it. Then we went to eat some pizza at papa ginos. Then we went to K-mart *cough cough TARGET cough cough*. Then we dropped stef off and then I went home nd watched the rest of seaons 2. My parents went out and i watched cheerleader nation and talked to maegan and now she owes me like 20 bucks for my

Saturday:I became a hermit and watched all of seaons 3

Sunday: Slept and watched more gilmore girls. Now planning my next week out. On the phone with sam, the whole nine yards.

What can I do? What can I say? Send your apologies to me.

I am so entertained. No, content. Yea. I am just chilling in my PJ's in my chair drinking water and eating pizza (third take out meal today thankyouverymuch) watching cheerleading nation. I love having the house to have no idea. I realized that the only thing missing right now is the idea of that one special person. That one special person that will honestly care about me. That one special person that I make happy for just being me. I want to be in that special realtionship where you don't need to do anything special, or dress up, but its still fun to do. I want that one special relationship when you go through your normal day, and then just stop for like 2 seconds and smile. Smile just because you know there is one person out there that is thinking about you. I want that feeling that can't be explained. Its just like amazing. I want that special person that you can look foward to seeing every Monday morning, bright and early. So yea, while I sit here and stuff my face with peanut butter, I will contemplate something. Probably dream about my prince charming. And then go watch more Gilmore Girls and get way to involved in that show and be up until freaking sunday. Well not really, more like really really early tomorrow, like birdish times. Like when the third shifters are getting off, I'm going to bed.

Now on to the super hott pizza delivery guy. I mean he was a
kinda hottie.

Did I mention I have a new band obsession?!?!?! yes well I do.
Name: Dropping Daylight
Lead singer/Pianist: pretty cute
Drummer: pretty hott
Bassist: a-kjsdfyiuhekbnvsdjkfr-freaking gorgeous
Gutiarist: ugh. Well, no band is perfect
They rock. I love them. End of story. They also speak in third person which Katie finds very sexy.

Well, as you can tell, I am a tad bit hyper right now. Peace out lovers.
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